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    American Government and the Constitution

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    1. Describe and explain the system of checks and balances

    2. Why is "gridlock" or "deadlock" a common aspect of the American political system?

    3. What was the dilemma faced by the U.S. Supreme Court when deciding the case of Marbury v. Madison?

    4. What is the process necessary for amending the Constitution?

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    1. Describe and explain the system of checks and balances

    The primary goal of the system of checks and balances that America has is the separation of power. In order to maintain the democratic government, the philosophy is that no one body of government should have all the power in its hands.
    United States has a system of checks and balances where there are three distinct branches of government. The three branches are:
    1) The Legislative Branch - The Congress
    2) The Executive Branch - The President
    3) The Judicial Branch - The Supreme Court and the court system
    The Legislative Branch's main purpose is to make the laws. The Executive Branch is there to enforce the laws and make sure they are carried out. The Judicial Branch interprets the laws and makes sure that they are legal under the Constitution.

    Expand on these main points. Explain how the three branches interact between each other (For ex., the Congress can make laws but the President can veto them. The Congress in turn has ways of overriding the Presidential veto. The President appoints the Judges into the Supreme Court but the Senate must approve these appointments. The Congress can pass laws but the Courts can ...

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    Explains the American government system of checks and balances; explains the terms of "gridlock or deadlock" the American politician system; Explains the case of Marbury v. Madison; explains the process of amending the Constitution