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Information Rubric: Strategic Planning Process

I need to create an information rubric, a tool that can be used to track the progress of the strategic planning process and its implementation, for a new and developing public organization (of your choice) that includes all necessary and valuable information on the strategic planning process. Can you help me with this task, as well as help formulate an analysis on the given rubric, addressing how a public information could use this as part of their strategic planning process?

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Hello Student,

The difficulty here is deciding whether or not the organization is a public or a private one as it differs a little in terms of goal-setting. Public organizations gear towards providing optimal services and successful outcomes of projects whereas private organizations are geared towards development and profit. I have decided to use a bureaucracy for the public administration rubric. What you need to do with the rubric is to plan out what you need to include - the divisions of the topic, the sections, and the theories. I think that you need to consider that planning has to happen at various stages -

1. Not yet started/in the planning process
2. In the process of implementation
3. Already implemented

Necessary information is dependent upon the type of organization you choose. In this response, I have presented some theories and added a section that discusses the research involved. Good luck with your studies.

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Strategic Planning Rubric

The rubric below has been designed with a public organization in mind. Rainey (2009) declares that the government and its institutions ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the construction of a strategic planning process rubric. The solution provides advise in how to construct it, from content and outline to key information relevant in putting such a rubric together. In the attached document, an example of such a rubric is also included. Resources are lsted for further exploration of the topic.