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    Mobile Commerce

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    1. Discuss m-commerce applications in financial and other services, advertising, and providing of content.

    2: Discuss the major inhibitors and barriers of mobile computing and m-commerce.

    3: Discuss Strategies for acquiring IT Applications keeping in mind the differences between traditional Systems Development Life Cycle and alternative Methods and Tools for Systems Development.

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    M-commerce applications have penetrated in a number of areas in the field of financial services, advertising, content dissemination, marketing, healthcare and host of other fields. For example, m-commerce applications are available in mobile banking, buying and selling of securities, money transfer, etc. in the field of financial services. The increasing use of smartphones and mobile internet have prompted advertisers and marketers to syndicate advertisements, content, and information via mobile phones. There are thousands of mobile applications available over various mobile operating systems such as ios, android and blackberry. People can access location-based services, purchase and receive content and access information over their mobile phones. To summarize, mobile applications have significantly gained traction in terms of usage, penetration and availability in different areas.

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