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Substantial mobile e-commerce presence

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Choose a business having a substantial mobile e-commerce presence and one ideally with which you have had some experience. In 1000 word case analysis, critique the suite of services provided by the business by analyzing the advantages and possible deficiencies of this service. Ideally, if you use the service yourself, use your own personal experiences as data for this analysis, but also indicate how other people might have differing perceptions in regard to the value of these mobile services. Make sure that you use the frameworks and concepts articulated in your readings . Other questions to reflect on in this analysis include the following:
• What specific value or customer needs are being served via these mobile services?
• Do you find that you value the features offered by these mobile services? Support your position with specific examples.
• How might the mobile services of this company be improved? Again, support your argumentation with specific examples.
• Postulate how these mobile platforms in this specific company might evolve into what has been termed u-commerce in your readings. What kinds of functionality would be offered? Do you think customers would value such functionality? (if you need to segment potential customer populations please do so).
• What ethical issues surround this deployment of mobile commerce?

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//The term mobile e-commerce refers to facilitating the commercial transactions with the online capabilities through the usage of wireless technology. In this context, the further text will shed light on a business that has a substantial mobile e-commerce presence and discussion will be done regarding the value, merits and deficiency of its m-commerce services. //

Mobile commerce (m-commerce) can be defined as the trading of goods and services with the help of wireless technology that include the hand-held devices such as smartphone and personal digital assistants (PDAs) (TechTarget, 2005). The company that has been discussed here has a sustainable m-commerce presence is Amazon.com. The US-based e-commerce portal has its personal website and mobile application that facilitates the commercial transactions electronically by letting the customer sell, search and buy online from a variety of products in different categories with the help of hand-held devices. The mobile application of the e-commerce company is adaptable to all mobile platforms suitable for different smartphone operating systems such as Android, IOS and Microsoft. The app store of Amazon is unique and appealing to the customers globally because of the robust brand image, universal presence, and choice of top quality content (Qing, 2012).

The specific values served by the mobile-commerce are the efficiency and convenience of buying and selling of products. In addition to this, the customers that use Amazon mobile apps or sites for buying the products also enjoy the mobility value. The app or site is universally available and accessible to the global consumers, and there is no need for the customer to visit the store physically in order to make a purchase decision (Siau, Nah & Sheng, 2003). In addition to this, the ease of payment also acts as a significant value to the customer and the various modes of payment such as card payment, payment by points, currency converter, and cash on delivery facilitate convenience and ease to the customer (Amazon.com Inc, 2015).

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