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    Leading Collaboration Strategies

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    1. Analyzing Collaboration Tips
    Reflect on the "Tips for Collaborating," strategies and recommendations you have written about so far in this term. Select at least one and discuss how it would be the same—or different—if the collaboration occurred virtually. Draw on the readings to support your ideas.

    2. Leadership and Virtual Collaboration
    For this discussion, use your Collaborative Leaders' Guide and summarize key points. Ensure you do the following:
    o Identify one best leadership practice specific to virtual collaboration.
    o Make 2 recommendations for prospective leaders

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    1. Here are a few collaboration tips and strategies and how they are in the virtual scenario.
    a) Creating a shared vision that is shared from top to bottom. Top management models this vision to create and develop an organizational culture that their members can follow. In order to promote this vision, the Internet in the virtual world can greatly support this vision. It can be posted in the Intranet or in the company's portal so that the employees can always see it and be reminded. A culture is reinforced by actions and presenting these actions as well as other types of communication through the use of the Internet can greatly help make the employees feel that they truly belong to the company's vision.
    b) Create communication protocols ...

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