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network administrator

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What aspects of Information Technology interests you and what career aspirations you have in the field? Select one information technology job title that interests you, and share 1-2 questions you have about the job or occupation.

The job title that interests me is "Network Administractor;" and I am mostly interested in information sharing and information security. I don't know if these are related, but can someone please help me answer the question above, using this information.

Please include sources.

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A Network Administrator, also known as a systems administrator, LAN administrator, information systems administrator, network operations analyst, network technician, or junior network engineer, is an IT professional who manages an organization's PCs and LAN network. This management includes rolling out new equipment, as well as performing corrective and preventative measures on existing equipment.

Duties of a network administrator, for which nearly every network out there requires at least one, include the installation, ...

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The duties and functions of a network administrator

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Network & Computer Security




Assume you are the network manager with several servers and over 500 client PCs. All computers are connected to the Internet via routers that you control. Read over the top 20 list at the above reference website.


Answer the following questions:

Are you qualified to address all of these issues in your organization?
What are your thoughts about the needs of organizations for a security specialist given the type of information you see here?
Do you need highly skilled people in your organization?
Does it appear that this might be a very time consuming problem with the number of computers and users you have in this organization?
What impact does it have when your 500 + users tinker with their settings on personal PCs and download shareware from the Internet?

Discuss each of these issues in light of the information presented in the background and references.

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