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Information systems and security

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Assume that you have been asked to consult for a company that has branch offices in four continents. You have implemented a management information system that will enable its managers to exchange information about various company activities in the areas of marketing, sales, HR, finance, and administration. As part of the implementation process, you are required to make a recommendation on the types of security measures that should be taken with implementation of this system.

Answer the following questions indept

1. What are some of the potential security threats to managing information related to these activities across multiple locations?
2. What strategies or tools could be used to minimize these types of threats upon implementing a system in this situation?

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Solution Summary

Discusses the security threats due to implementation of management information system across multiple locations in the organization.

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As the organization has remote offices in numerous locations, it will be implementing web based marketing information systems that can be accessed by authorized users or office personnel across the branches. It will also make use of virtual private networks to share or exchange data across offices. Further, the local systems in each office can also be made accessible to users in other locations via various software tools and technologies.

One of the major security threats in such a situation is leakage of confidential information due to intrusion into the network by hackers or intruders. Hackers can break into the network and get access to confidential information about the company and misuse such information for personal benefits. They can also cause harm to the organization's data by breaking into the network or accessing systems on the network.

Further, virus attacks can also cause harm to the network and systems used by the organization ...

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