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Business Management

In the future, can artificial intelligence take over human decision making in business? Under what conditions? Provide at least three arguments in support of your view.

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// With the growth in science; we have been bestowed with new inventions and processes, enabling a more advanced and convenient lifestyle. But, whether, every new invention is good for the human beings or whether it has more demerits than merits, is a thing to be analyzed. In this paper, we will discuss about "Artificial Intelligence" and it's utility. //

Artificial Intelligence

All human beings have intellect, which they utilize for problem solving. Intellect when supported by cognition and arguing, abilities become an ability to solve the complex decisions. These intellects of human beings differ from Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a software technique applied to the non-numeric data expressed in terms of symbols, statements and patterns. It uses the methods of symbolic processing, social and scientific reasoning and conceptual modeling for solving the problems.

AI is a wide subject that assures to replicate numerous congenital human skills such as mechanical programming, case-based computing, neural networks, decision-making, expert systems, natural language processing, ...

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The response address the queries posted in 699 words with references.