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    Organizational Analysis

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    Please help me so I can complete the following:

    Prepare and present OB analysis documentation.

    The Specific task is to

    .Select an organization and arrange an interview with someone in a managerial position

    .discuss with the interviewee ten (10) specific OB topics; and

    . prepare and present an OB organizational analysis document summarizing your finding, and most specifically, an analysis of your findings.

    Address only the required ten (10)topics;and include only these in your analysis.

    Analysis is required of the ten topics. Use these as headings in your analysis report.

    The required ten (10) topics to be covered, and subjected to analysis. are:

    1 Organizational Structure and Design.

    2 Motivation (the strategies in place to motivate employees and their effectiveness).

    3 Leadership Style (Leadership and management style of the interview and their perception of its effectiveness).

    4 Power and Influence (the use of power and influence in the organization)

    5 Conflict (Evidence and effect of conflict in the organization - interpersonal, intergroup, intragroup, and others).

    6 Work Group/Teams (The existence of group or teams in the organization and their effectiveness).

    7 Equity (Specific issues related to equity in the organization).

    8 Job Design

    9 Organizational Culture.

    10 Change & Challenges (Any additional current changes being implemented; those being contemplated for the future; any current or future challenges on the organizational horizon).

    Thank you

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2054 words with references.

    //Prior to talk about Organizational Structure and Design, we will have to first of all, understand about Microsoft Corporation. In this part, we will also talk about some of interview questions with Personnel Manager. So, firstly, we will talk about Microsoft Corporation under the heading of Introduction, for example: //
    In this paper, the organization that I have selected is "Microsoft Corporation". Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation. It has near about 79000 employees. It is involved in developing, manufacturing, and licensing a wide range of software products for computing devices (Microsoft Corporation, 2008). I arranged an interview with Personnel manager. The questions that I asked during the interview were:
    1. Tell something about Microsoft's organizational structure and design. What according to you are the features of the good organization structure?
    2. According to you, does motivation plays an important role in organization. What are the different strategies that Microsoft uses to motivate their employees?
    3. 'All leaders are managers but all managers are not leaders' up to what extent do you agree to this? What should be the qualities of the leaders? What leadership style must they have?
    4. Does power and influence play an important role? In the Microsoft Corporation, do the mangers make use of their power and influence?
    5. How can you define conflict? What are the strategies used by the Microsoft corporation to solve the conflict in the organization? And what according to you is the effect of conflict in organization? Does sometime stress become a reason for conflicts in organization?
    6. What according you is the importance of group or teams in the organization? How effective they are?
    7. What according to you are the specific issues related to equity in the organization?
    8. What is the procedure of Microsoft in recruiting and selecting the employees? What kinds of job are designed for them?
    9. What according to you should be the organizational culture in the organization?
    10. Is change important for the organization? Whether there are any additional current changes that are being implemented by the Microsoft? What are the future plans of the Microsoft Corporation?

    It was very nice to talk with the personnel manager of Microsoft Corporation. He was very simple and polite person. He gave the answers without making any urgency. After asking the questions, I came out with the analysis about Microsoft Corporation.

    //Above, we discussed about Microsoft Corporation, which is an American Multinational Computer technology Corporation. As per directions, now we will talk about organizational structure and design of Microsoft Corporation.//

    Organizational structure and design:
    The executive body of Microsoft is the Board of Directors; they are nine in number, out of which six are independent. The function of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board are separated by Microsoft. In determining the Microsoft Corporation's long-term strategy, the Board supervises management and assists them (Microsoft Corporation, 2004). The board evaluates the performance and progression of CEO annually and also evaluates company risks and strategies.
    The structure of a Microsoft organization is designed to fit with the environmental demands and safeguard the core operating technology from uncertainties and environmental changes (Prasad, 2008). Therefore, it can be analyzed that organization structure of Microsoft is simple and flexible. There is clear line of ...

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