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    Personality types and empathy levels

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    I am a doctoral student. I am doing a research project where I have data from 2 questionnaires. This first questionnaire assesses the personality types of audiologists (four general categories). The second questionnaire assess the levels of empathy of each individual who took the first questionnaire. I am trying to determine if an overwhelming number of one personality type is drawn to audiology (50% from the questionnaire) and if so what are their empathy levels. I would like to also compared the empathy levels of the different personality types.

    My question is: How do I go about analyzing this? What statistical formala should I use? I hope this is enough information.

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    OK let's see how I can help. Quite a lot of my response will be questions about your project which will help you choose the best way to analyse the responses to the questionnaires.

    First of all, if you designed the questionnaires yourself you should have decided how they were going to be analysed as you developed the questions and got advice from a statistician at that stage. That way you would be sure your analysis was rigorous. But don't worry we've all done it the other way round to learn that lesson.

    I'm not sure if you are trying to test a hypothesis in one part of the study - "are an overwhelming number of audiologists from one personality type?" - and then going on to measure those levels (a ...