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    Effective Therapists

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    This solution refers to the book, Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy. It examines personal and professional qualities for therapists.

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    If you were looking for a therapist for yourself, there are numerous personal and professional qualities to seek in a therapist. First, personal qualities are important in order to establish a strong working relationship with clients. Thus, active listening skills are vital in order to ascertain key information about clients. Active listening encourages careful processing and facilitates strong interpersonal skills.

    It is also important to display empathy. When clients know that therapists are able to "walk in their shoes," clients are more apt to convey their feelings and concerns.

    Tolerance is also related to empathy. When therapists are open to all cultures, sexual orientations, and religious concerns, they are able to connect to all types of clients and therapeutic situations. Therefore, a strong sense of multicultural competence is also essential in today's global therapy world.

    Another key part of the reading seems to imply authenticity. Therapists must show genuine kindness, trustworthiness, and caring attitudes. Please note that In Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, Gerald Corey states "the most important instrument you have to work with as a counselor is yourself as a person" (p.12). In other words, humanism and an authentic sense of self are vital qualities. Instead of trying to be something or someone from a movie about counseling or a stereotype of what society seems to deem as therapist, it is important to be authentic. Since one's true sense of self facilitates a strong sense of trust and rapport, it is essential to create in a professional counseling or therapy relationship.

    Optimism is also an essential trait. Since ...

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