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Treating Criminals with Psychosexual Disorders

Many clinicians avoid working with clients diagnosed with psychosexual disorders because it means that you are often treating pedophiles, sexual offenders, rapists, etc. And the truth of the matter is that the counter transference experienced by the clinician is to strong that it does not allow them to treat the client without bias, thereby reducing effective treatment outcomes as well as the clinicians' ability to do their job in a fair and balanced manner.
There is a need for therapists to treat these populations, particularly in prisons, which can also be off putting due to the fear of working with violent offenders. As a result, these positions tend to pay very well because there are so few therapists willing to take these jobs. Definitely something to think about.
Can you please give thought's explain your answer please.

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I would agree that there are many clinicians who avoid working with clients diagnosed with psychosexual disorders, due to the fact that it does often mean treating individuals that have committed criminal acts. I think that this is a completely human characteristic, due to the fact that most individuals tend to avoid negative individuals or ...

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This response describes some of the difficulties involved in finding therapists who will treat sex offenders.