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Sexual Addiction And Addiction To The Internet

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I need help in considering sexual addiction and addiction to Internet content and comparing and contrasting treatment modalities for these addictions with treatment planning for clients presenting addictions to alcohol or drugs. In the revision of the DSM, would you like to see these compulsive, addictive behaviors listed? How would their inclusion affect your practice?

Do you think gambling, eating disorders, shopping, and other behavioral addictions warrant counseling intervention? I need to defend my response and am unsure of wear to go with this.

Further, I need to discuss what I perceive to be the difficulty with treating co-occurring disorders. Do you think that knowing the primary diagnosis is essential to effective treatment?

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The similarities between sexual addiction and addiction to Internet content treatment modalities and treatment planning for clients presenting addiction to alcohol or drugs, is the fact that the treatment paradigms for both of these kinds of addictions includes the step by step reductions in the exposure and utilization of the sources of the addiction. In addition, both of these treatment modalities utilize counseling as a means by which to assess individuals in order to understand the underlying cause of their addiction, and the most effective means by which to stop those behaviors. Both of these treatment modalities also utilize support groups as an ...

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Dealing with Addiction in the Workplace

Lets say for instance that an assistant director used the agency's internet to pull up pornography and to solicit women for prostitution. This has been taking place for at least six months and has been occurring regularly at least three to four times a week. One day, the assistant director schedules an appointment with Human Resources and discloses that he has an addiction to pornography and a sexual disorder that contributes to his desire to engage in sexual behaviors with prostitutes and that he has been using the company equipment to support his addictions.

Do we terminate him? Do we call in the media and disclose this information? Do we refer him to EAP? How should we address this situation with the assistant director? Is a situation worse if we find out or if we are told? Should the manner in which this issue is addressed now differ?

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