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    Similarities between sexual addiction and drug/alcohol addiction

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    I know that this is category isn't part of the sexual addiction part, I couldn't find anything else to reference this to, but sexual addiction is yet another disorder that either is or mimics other addictions. Could this be an addictive behavior just like drugs or alcohol? And is this an actual addictive disorder?

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    It appears that sexual addiction is indeed a form of disorder that either is or mimics other addictions, which has contributed to the difficulty experienced in the medical community in ascertaining as to whether or not this is indeed a clinical addictive disorder. Therefore, from a biological point of view, sexual addiction could indeed be an addictive behavior just like drugs or alcohol to some degree. This is due to the fact that the pleasure centers of the brain are activated and stimulated by thoughts of sex as well as engaging in intercourse at a much higher frequency rate than normal, by individuals that exhibit symptoms of this disorder. This leads to hypersexual activities in both thought and action in individuals that ...

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    This solution describes the similarities between sexual addiction and drug and alcohol addiction.