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Intoxication, Abuse, and Dependence

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Provide a brief definition of addiction.

What are the similarities and differences in the levels of involvement in the following substance-related stages of addiction: use, intoxication, abuse, and dependence?

Discuss why people continue to use substances, despite negative consequences.

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The solution discusses the similarities and differences in the levels of involvement in the substance-related stages of addiction: intoxication, abuse and dependence.

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Addiction is a physical or psychological dependence on a substance or behavior even when it has negative consequences.

Addiction happens in stages, though some people will progress much more rapidly than others. many believe genetics and a certain brain chemistry or reaction some people have cause this.

People may use alcohol or drugs to escape the daily stress of life. Some may start young using drugs or alcohol to cope with life. For example an adolescent who is being abused may begin using drugs or alcohol to "cope" or forget. Some will do this occasionally and never progress any further while others ...

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