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Biology, Family, & Culture and addiction

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Explain how biology, family, and culture may each contribute to substance abuse and/or addiction.

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This solution creates and describes a hypothetical example that specifically illustrates how biology, family, and culture may contribute to and/or impact substance abuse and/or addiction.

Not everyone that takes drugs will become addicted to drugs. There are a combination of factors that increase the risk of a person becoming addicted; however, the more of these factors a person is exposed to, the greater the risk of addiction when taking drugs.

One factor is a person's environment and culture. Environment can include family, friends, peer pressure, stress, physical and sexual abuse, socio-economic status, and the quality of a person's life (1). For example, if a teen girl is being physically or ...

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This solution discusses the various ways that genetics (biology), family members, and culture can be a factor in addiction and substance abuse and influence one's susceptibility to addiction.