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Diversity in Addictions Counseling

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I need assistance understanding groups (including Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, American Indians and Alaskan Natives, Hispanics/Latinos, and African Americans) in relation to addictions. I need to note the differences in dealing with each group, specifically taking into account possible prevalence patterns, socioeconomic factors, spiritual and cultural values, similarities between them, and treatment issues, as well as if these groups have equal access to services.

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The alcohol addiction rate among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders is no higher than those individuals that are not Asian American, but there seems to be a higher statistical level of the abuse of drugs such as stimulants among these individuals. Socio-economically these individuals tend to be among the highest earners per capita of any ethnic group within the US. The cultural values of this group tend to make them very hard-working in seeking to achieve the American dream, while remaining reclusive to their own cultural group in terms of association and affiliation. An example of this are the many Chinatown's in Koreatown etc., located in cities across the US. The high sense of honor among these individuals and the need to work long hours, may be a major cause of their use of methamphetamines as a means by which to energize themselves for those unusually long work hours. Due to the high sense of honor especially among the males within this community, it is important to keep treatment confidential. In addition, it is the higher economic status of the individuals within this group they have equal ...

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