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    Behavioral addictions

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    Do you believe that behavioral addictions actually exist?

    How do you think that behavioral addictions are similar to and different from substance addiction?

    Would you recommend the same type of treatment for behavioral addiction as you would for substance addiction?

    Provide journals to read on this topic please so i can investigate further.

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    Do you believe that behavioral addictions actually exist?

    When contemplating the existence of behavioral addictions, I tend to think about how many people are glued to their cell phones during meals in restaurants and incessantly checking their Facebook messages at sporting events, work, even church! These behaviors seem to denote that behavioral addictions are indeed real.

    One article concurs:

    Thege, B. K., Woodin, E. M., Hodgins, D. C., & Williams, R. J. (2015). Natural course of behavioral addictions: a 5-year longitudinal study. BMC Psychiatry, 15(1), 58-79.

    By employing the definition of addictions as "chronic disorders with substantial adverse impact on both the individual and societal level" (59), the authors justify it. They further cite how excessive sexual behavior, shopping, online chatting, ...

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    200 words of 3 brief article reviews and some personal notes justify if behavioral addictions are indeed valid. A short comparison to substance abuse addictions is also integrated within this posting.