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Behavioral contracts

This job lists the benefits of using behavioral contracts with clients and what types of clients they would compliment.

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Well, as a clinician, let's see if I can shed a little light on the scenario you present. First of all, regardless of ones job in life, the old saying that "a contract is not generally worth the paper upon which it is written" is not all to far from the truth. I think what this means is that, no matter the contract, it is up to the person who was awarded the contract to make sure all contractual obligations are fulfill to the best of one's ability. Now...ability does not only mean having an understanding of the contractual obligations put forth, but its all about ethics. time management, goal orientation, possible intervening circumstances, and a whole bunch of other mitigating circumstances that might possibly stand in the way of contractual fulfillment. Ok...enough for the philosophy..now let's get to the issue at hand.. :-)

First off, behavioral contracts designed by a therapist are self-control strategies wherein cognitive and behavioral skills are used by individuals to maintain self-motivation and achieve ...

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Behavioral contracts are overviewed.