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At-risk student behaviors

This solution identifies three at-risk behaviors to address as this student's teacher. It also briefly describes at least three interventions for each at-risk behavior.

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A. Identify three at-risk behaviors that you would address as this student's teacher.

One at-risk behavior involves the student's overall lack of motivation. Although sleep deprivation due to his job may be a contributing factor, it also seems evident that the student is quite unmotivated to intrinsically or extrinsically. Low or lack of motivation is definitely a factor in this study.

Next, reading problems also indicate a common sign of at risk behavior. In order to compensate for their inability to read at grade level, many at-risk students will demonstrate behavioral problems to serve as a decoy to cover their reading problems. Since students who struggle with reading often experience problems in all other subjects as well, a chain reaction often occurs. Thus, reading problems ...

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This posting overviews at risk behaviors. It also explores intervention tactics.