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Learners in Clinical Settings with Less-Than-Desirable Staff Role Models

Should you place learners in a clinical setting that has less-than-desirable staff role models? What are the risks and how could they be mitigated?

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We should probably define what "less-than-desirable" means first. Are they unprofessional? Are they socially unacceptable? Do they practice bad medicine? Do they act inappropriately to patients?
I would think the latter would disqualify them. The first three I think would work out under some conditions. I would not set students into a situation in which the student is verbally abused, and that includes sexual advances and ...

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This solution contains definitions of the term "less-than-desirable" within the context of students who are placed in clinical settings with staff members showing less than appropriate speech and behaviors. The phrase was broken down into 3 areas of concern: whether the staff member is socially inappropriate, medical knowledge deficient, or does not treat patients like he or she would like to be treated. Risks and mitigation of those risk factors are touched upon.