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    advantages and disadvantages of static versus dynamic faculty role models

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    I need some additional suggestions/ideas and help articulating the following many definitions of teaching that are available.

    1. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of static versus dynamic faculty role models, and (give an example) or describe a faculty evaluation system/scenario with which you are familiar that could be categorized as static or dynamic. Provide justification for the categories you select.

    2. If you were asked by a university administrator to describe the validity of at least one definition, what would you say?

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    The discussion of static and dynamic faculty and the definition are included in the attached document.

    A static faculty role model considers the constant behaviors and attitudes a faculty member engages in, on a regular basis, as part of his or her position as an educator. There are few variations in behavior as an educator, from one course to another, or from one department to another, when the faculty member is placed in different educational settings. If that faculty member teaches a course in Anatomy, for example, and also teaches a lab in Anatomy, the behaviors of one who fits a static role will be highly predictable. The faculty may state the same expectations of students in all courses or sections, use similarly designed assessments and require similarly designed assignments. A static role model is predictable and can have a calming effect on learners, especially those who are new to the college environment or who tend to suffer from anxiety surrounding education and assessments. The static faculty role model ...

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    The advantages and disadvantages of static versus dynamic faculty role models are embedded in the solution.