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The Court System

The courts can assist in recidivism reduction efforts by using empirically tested assessment tools to assist the judge with making sentencing decisions.

1) What are 2 tools that are used within the court systems?
2)What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them?
3) How does the risk principle apply and how can it reduce or increase recidivism?
4) What tool out of the two would you recommend the courts implement, and why?

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1) Two tools used within court systems are second generation actuarial tools and third generation actuarial tools. In the former this risk-assessment instrument has been validated on comparable offender populations and uses objective risk factors that are weighted giving an overall risk score. In the latter the actuarial tool includes assessments of dynamic risk and criminogenic need factors in addition to static risk factors (NICIC, 2012).

2) Both of these have ...

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The tools use within the court systems are determined. The advantages and disadvantages of each of them are determined.