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    Puerto Rico and Federal Judiciary Paper

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    Puerto Rico and Federal Judiciary Paper.

    Prepare a paper in which you describe and compare the judiciary of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and of the United States, at federal level, according to both constitutions and judiciary acts. You shall demonstrate that you understand both court system's structure and hierarchy.

    Below is the website for the US court
    attachment below is the article as an example that must be compared between the US and commomwealth of Puerto rico.t

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    Judiciary System: Puerto Rico and Federal Judiciary

    Comparison of judiciary system of Puerto Rico and United States

    Puerto Rico is connected with the United States. The president of US serves as the head of Puerto Rico. The governor is the most powerful authority in Puerto Rico. House of Representatives and Senate are the two legislative chambers of the state that contain 51 and 27 seats respectively. Supreme Court is the major component of the judicial system of the state. The key components of Supreme Court are 1 chief judge and 6 associated judges. Superior court, district court, court of appeal and municipal court are included in the judicial system of Puerto Rico (Government, 2008).

    Federal judiciary system is followed in the United States of America. There are four courts in the US federal system: Supreme Court, District Court, Court of Appeal and Bankruptcy Courts. The president nominates judges and Senate confirms the appointment of the judges. Sometimes, senators or member of house nominates the judges. The life time opportunity is offered to the judicial officers. Federal courts are termed as guardians of the constitution. The equal justice is given by the courts to all citizens of the United States (U.S. Courts, 2008).

    The Supreme Court of Puerto Rico has the authority to make laws, rules and ...

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