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    Business Regulation, Torts and Liability

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    3. Local Law Paper (Business Regulation /Torts and Liability).
    Prepare a paper in which you describe Business Regulation, Torts and Liability in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, according to the cases presented. In your paper, there must be reference to the specific facts of the cases portrayed, issues solved and legal grounds regarding the assigned topic. You shall demonstrate that you read the cases posted on Go to Class.

    Write an essay explaining:
    1) The government's regulation of commercial activities in line with the cases of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico; Acosta v. DACO, 114 D.P.R. 160 (1983) and E.L.A. v. Malavé, 2002 TSPR 96.

    2) The liability of owners of commercial establishments for damage. To do this, read the following cases at the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico; Vines v. Pueblo, 83 D.P.R. 33 (1962) and Columbus v. KMART, 2001 TSPR 95.

    Should make reference to the facts of cases, the dispute is resolved and the expressions made by the tribunal on the topic assigned.

    Please see the attachments regarding the cases to evaluate

    Attachments are translated and I have included shortcuts to the lexjuris.com court cases the attachments of the 2 cases translated from the lexjuris.com

    The cases on lexjuris.com is PR vs Malave the y 2002 TSPR 96 (case number)
    the other case is colon vs Kmart yr 2001 case number TSPR095

    Both in spanish but can be found in english

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    //Before writing an essay on the cases; first, we will write about the tort. The interpretation of tort will be helpful to understand the cases more effectively. We will also discuss the importance of the business regulation for the Organization.\


    Tort can be defined as a civil wrongdoing that has stimulated any harm to a person or property. The main aim of tort law is to find out whether the claims are liable or not. The tort claims are dependent on the local laws of the state for finding out the liability of the claim. Business regulations involve all the rules and regulations prescribed by the Supreme Court to be followed and implemented in the business practices. All the business concerns have to focus on following the business regulations in their business practices because if they do not follow the business regulations then they will be held liable for their actions. The given cases are also related to the claims that were liable for the complainant and the petitioner.

    The given cases of commonwealth of Puerto Rico describe the business regulations, torts and liability. The cases are mainly related to the government's regulations regarding the commercial activities and the owner's liability for any damage due to the commercial establishments. The cases will assist us in evaluating the decisions of the Supreme Court regarding the different issues.

    //After discussing the tort and the importance of business regulation; we will discuss the first case, which is related to ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 978 words with references.