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    Torts Definition and Effects on Businesses

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    Define one tort. What is the effect(s) that this tort might have on a business. How does a business protect itself against this type of tort? Additionally how might the business reduce its liability based on this tort?

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    Tort is the French word for a "wrong." The law provides remedies to persons and businesses that are injured by the tortuous actions of others. Under tort law, an injured party can bring a civil lawsuit to seek compensation for a wrong done to the party or to the party's property. Many torts have their origin in common law. The courts and legislatures have extended tort law to reflect changes in modern society.

    Intentional Tort Against Persons - The law protects a person from unauthorized touching, restraint, or other contact. In addition, the law protects a person's reputation and privacy. Violations of these rights are ...

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    Definition of Tort, business liability and Intentional actionable torts are provided. A reference is provided to aid in the understanding of the question.