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    Ethical vs moral reasoning in regulatory system

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    Make a distinction between judgments based upon ethics and moral reasoning and the regulatory system.

    1.Explain the difference between intentional torts and negligence.
    1.What are the differences between assault and battery?
    1.Why are these differences important?
    Please use at least one research site to support your statements. The deliverable length requirement is three paragraphs.

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    The American judicial system is spider web of courts that deal with criminal and civil cases on a daily basis. In saying this society must understand how to pursue different routes in order to rectify issues and concerns as it relates to the individual or society at large. Civil law differs from criminal law in that civil law is the form of law that governs relationships between parties (Dolatowski, Hall, Schmalleger, 2010). Criminal laws are organized laws that govern society based on morals and ethics that is believed to be the norm within our society. Below we'll discuss the difference between intentional torts and negligence as well as the difference between assault and battery. Finally, we'll review these differences are important to judicial system.

    Regardless of the state in which a person ...

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    The solution discusses the ethical vs. moral reasoning in regulatory system.