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Crimes and Torts

What is a tort? What is the difference between a tort and a criminal act? What are the three categories of torts? Please list three intentional torts and explain their relationship to business risk?

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- The most simple definition of a tort is that it is a civil wrong - meaning a wrongful act against an individual
- Torts often cause injury to the individual or party that is wronged
- Torts can be intentional or unintentional (for example, negligence is considered unintentional)

Crimes Versus Torts
- Crimes (or criminal acts) are wrongs against society (as opposed to against an individual) - detrimental to public welfare or
- When crimes are committed, the plaintiff (complainant; the party that initiates the legal case) is the state (representing the public interest)
- In criminal cases, the verdict is guilty or not guilt
- In tort cases, the outcome ...

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This solution defines a tort and outlines the 3 categories of torts. It also lists 3 types of intentional torts and how they relate to business risk.