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    Tort Law

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    Please see attached Appendix.

    Appendix E

    Matching Tort Exercise*
    Differentiate between intentional torts against persons, intentional torts against property, and torts based on negligence. Use the text book to help you find answers.
    Example Check box for each example under the category that fits it best Intentional Torts Against Persons Intentional Torts Against Property Torts Based on Negligence
    1 Trespassing
    2 Invasion of privacy
    3 Causation
    4 Duty of care
    5 Using trademarks, trade secrets if bought from a thief
    6 Use of person's name or photo without permission
    7 Assault and battery
    8 Infliction of emotional distress
    9 Drug dealing or an illegal gambling establishment next door
    10 Pointing a gun or swinging a club

    *Adapted from Meiners, R.E., Ringleb, A.H., & Edwards, F.L. (2006). The
    legal environment of business (9th ed.). Mason, Ohio: Thomson.

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