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    Elements of Negligent Tort

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    Negligent Tort

    Prepare a following the APA guidelines, detailing the elements of a negligent tort. At a minimum, your analysis must include the concepts of but for and proximate causation, duty of care and the various types of remedies available for a finding of tort liability. You are encouraged to research scholarly articles and appropriate websites to support the ideas contained in your paper.

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    Negligent Tort

    Negligent torts are the most usual kind of torts. These torts are not purposeful, but come up when someone fails to behave as a rational person to someone he or she reposes on a duty to, ensuing in a trauma. Negligence can be described as one's failure in practicing reasonable care. Instances of negligent torts are car accidents, slip and fall accidents and most of the school and medical wrongdoing cases (Harvey, 2007). Most of the injuries that basically result from tortuous behaviour are the artefact of negligence (Tort Law-Negligence, 2009)

    Negligence is the term used by tort law to qualify the activities that produces excessive risks of damage to persons and belongings. A person behaves negligently when his conduct diverges from the demeanour normally anticipated from a moderately responsible person under the situations. In broad-spectrum, the law necessitates forepersons to make use of their common ...

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