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    Negligent Supervision and Training

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    Training Evaluation, Validation

    Negligent training is a legal term for the lack of training or inadequate training that can be used in a lawsuit to prove the organization did not use reasonable care and thus did not provide an employee with all the knowledge and the basic skills to provide a safe environment for the guest. In many cases, justification has been used to hold the operation liable for the actions of the employee.

    For example, Sam was hired as a bus boy at a restaurant. One of his duties is to refill beverages (hot and cold) to the guests. On the day he started, the person who was to train him was sick. Consequently, Sam was not trained properly. One day, when he was refilling hot tea for a guest, he did not put the lid on correctly. Sam spilled hot water on the guest. He was so shocked that he blurted out that he was sorry but he never learned how to properly put on the lid. The guest decided to sue and used negligent training of the employee during the lawsuit.

    Use this article on negligent training: "The New Tort of Negligent Supervision"

    * Summarize the article, including what industry it pertains to and other important facts.
    * Describe 3 ways you would reduce negligent training.

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    The article I chose "The New Tort of Negligent Supervision" (http://business.library.wisc.edu/resources/reserves-boucher/boucher/5USE2.pdf) outlines the case of Miller v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. In this case Wal-Mart employees accused Miller of stealing a swimsuit and caused turmoil in the parking lot of the store. No swimsuit was found on Miller, and Miller filed an action against Wal-Mart alleging that Wal-Mart employees "unlawfully stopped, detained, searched, interrogated him, which caused damages." Wal-Mart was found not guilty of the charges but was found negligent in the hiring, training, and supervising of its' employees. Miller was awarded $20,000 ...

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    This detailed solution outlines the problems stemming from negligent training. It discusses an article and describes three ways to reduce negligent training. It includes links and examples.