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    Case Study: Risk Facts, Services, and Resources for a Family

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    Use the case example of the Simmons family found in the attachment and complete the following:

    Determine the risk factors for this family.
    Recommend services or resources for this family.
    Think specifically about how the school can assist this family.
    Is there any information you would like to have about the family?

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    The risks are evident in the children, the parent, the family and the environment that may increase the high possibility that the children are neglected. The risk assessment involves evaluation and implementing an intervention plan to get the children stable and secure.

    The student would first need academic assessments. Determine their strengths and capabilities in subjects they like. Develop a hypothesis and test the hypothesis. For example, student continues to leave the classroom and school, becomes upset aggressive and uses vulgar language. When student leaves the room he is control of himself and believes this a powerful position.

    I would recommend a functional behavior assessment and behavior intervention plan for the student. Involve the school psychologist to determine student's true ability and achievement level with his inconsistent behavior and performance and lack of focus. Each teacher can assess the student using an ABC chart. The chart briefly notes what the student behavior was prior to the behavior. The actual behavior is also ...

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    The risk facts, services and resources for a family care study are analyzed.