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Research Method for a Study

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I am working on a hypothetical research assignment. The topic that I want to explore for the study is:

The project is to do a study on community providers who assist families with resources through their agency. What I have observed in working in the field of Social Work is that sometimes during the intake and also the service delivery aspect, the mother is the presumed contact person and the fathers are sometimes left out of the process. I would like to study if the exclusion of the father has an impact on service delivery outcome.

1. Would like some suggestions on how phrase this for a research topic.
2. What would be some questions that may be used in this research topic.
3. What method would you use to research this topic.
4. What theory would be application to this research
5. Data analysis

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Solution Summary

The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) on the topic of putting together a research method/plan for a proposed scientific merit study on community welfare assistants engaged in social work focused on helping families through a specific agency (parental exclusion). The issue that the student has (see above) is provided assistance including framing the topic, putting together a method, research questions as well as likely application of the work and methods of data analysis. resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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Dear Student,

I think that the study proposed is good and if it is based on your own experience, what you see and observe around you in the process of your work will help. It's good to reflect upon certain phenomenon - this can provide you with that much needed 'social' element. You see, if its real, if you experience it, it's more motivation for you in arguing your position. In the end, you will know more than your adviser with regards to the observed phenomenon. Your adviser will understand the process better, of course, but what you will uncover you will know so much more than any other. The outline will be based on the suggested 'bones' of the study as follows:

1. Topic of Study - 100 words
2. Why this study and are their gaps? (relevance, might be best to list some related literature to show gaps) - 150 words
3. Research Questions - 150 words
4. Research Design - 100 words
5. Research Theory (perspective only) - 100 words
6. Theoretical framework - 100 words
7. Data analysis - 100 words
8. Sampling and Population - 150 words

This should yield around, 950 words which should be enough at the least. You can extend it, particularly #2, by listing at least 4 published materials that are related, discussing them each and then explaining why your proposed study fills in the gaps that these materials do not address. This can come to around 500 words which can extend it to around 1,500 words. Remember it is not the length that matters the most (unless there is a word count) but what the content comes to. Is your proposal clear? Is it achievable? Does it have potential to uncover a social issue and provide solutions? You likely have seen this gap and want to address it, making it relevant to your field. Good luck with this!


Scientific Merit Proposed Study: Parental Exclusion

Topic of Study

The social services welfare system in our country have made it practice that when it comes to discussing parental issues and welfare planning, management and consultation with regards to the conditions, state and outcomes of children (especially children at risk), the contact point is always the mother. It is assumed that the mother, as the nurturer of the family unit, is one who is likely far more knowledgeable and has greater concern of the welfare of her children. Thus, the mother is always the point of contact despite that fact that in a number of cases, the custodial caretaker of the children are the fathers. In conferences and meetings, when it comes time to make arrangement for discussions and consultations, the mother is the 'preferred' attendee and spokesperson for the family even if the father has voiced out the interest to be in attendance. Such preference does not take into account the particulars of the family dynamic and can be harmful to the legal arrangement between parents and the emotional an social state of children. In this particular study, I have decided to focus on the difficulties and damage that can result from such practice to show policymakers and relevant agencies the importance of rethinking a systematised preference for mothers alone. I believe that for effective welfare management of children's futures and outcomes, to help avoid family issues and brew unnecessary conflict between separated or divorced parents, it is important to consider the context of each child, of each family case and decide from thence which parent to call on dependent on their degree of responsibility over their children. It doesn't mean that only either should be considered at all times, in fact it is still best to call upon both parents, no matter who has custody of the children. But there are cases that calling on a particular parent best serves the purpose, avoiding unnecessary difficulties and ensuring that due care are provided for children and families at-risk on time.

Relevance of Study

I have been working for much of my professional life in the human services field for my city - Memphis. I have looked after at-risk children, families and members of the community, ensuring that they receive the necessary services and benefits not only due them but that which they need to survive, to keep them going, and to help them overcome and develop in ways that allow for growth as individuals and as groups. My task is ...

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