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Competition for American Airlines

Consider the industry you have selected for the project in Week 1. The project outline that you looked at that week describes the goals and outcomes of an industry analysis for your firm. For this portion of your final project, you will first want to identify two to three firms that you believe are the most important competitors for your company (AMERICAN AIRLINES) and indicate why you believe each one is an important competitor. These will be the companies you will compare your firm to when assessing the presence or absence of competitive advantage in the final report.

Second, assess in one paragraph each of the five forces that impact industry profitability of the industry you have selected and draw conclusions as to the desirability of this industry on average. This does NOT include an assessment of the individual firm selected, which may or may not fit with the industry average analyzed here.

The industry in question is AMERICAN AIRLINES

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I would choose Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, AmTrak, and Greyhound. Each of these is a competitor for consumers and each has its own features that will make it attractive to buyers.

Delta is the most closely competitive with the same type of service in the same kinds of areas. Southwest flies into many areas and is also a huge competitor, with many loyal ...

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A short discussion on three competitors affecting American Airlines and why they are considered competitors to be noted. An additional single paragraph on the five forces is included.