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    Current state of union relations in the airline industry

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    Labor Laws, Unionization, and the Workplace
    A good place to start familiarizing yourself with legal issues involving unions in the workplace is by looking over the National Labor Relations Board website, http://www.nlrb.gov/nlrb-process
    Be sure you are familiar with the following laws and their amendments:
    Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (Click on the link for a brief overview.)
    National Labor Relations Act (Click on the link for a brief overview.)
    Labor Management Relations Act or Taft-Hartley Act (amended the NLRA). (Click on the link for a very brief introductory overview.)

    Case Assignment:
    After you have reviewed the above laws, read the following articles concerning labor unrest at American Airlines.
    American Air pilots' union: no strike unless it is legal. (August 30, 2012). Retrieved August 31, 2012, from http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/08/30/us-americanairlines-pilots-idUSBRE87T14O20120830
    DeMaura, Stephen. (August 13, 2012). Not just public unions: private sector unions hurting business. Retrieved August 31, 2012, from http://townhall.com/columnists/stephendemaura/2012/08/13/not_just_public_unions_private_sector_unions_hurting_business/page/full/
    Saporito, Bill. The worst job in America. (October 8, 2012). Time Magazine (Vol 180, Issue 15). From Business Source Complete.
    Give a brief summary of the current state of union relations in the airlines industry in the United States. Then, answer the following in a well-organized 4-5 page paper:
    If Mr. DeMaura is correct in his editorial, why would the American Airlines' Allied Pilots Association (APA) risk the future of American Airlines with their union demands?
    Using additional research about unionization in the U.S. airline industry, and American Airlines in particular, update where we are today with American's situation. How do the recent updates that you have found affect American Airlines employees? Are other U.S. airlines also in jeopardy because of labor demands?

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    This is a start. If you need any further information, please ask and identify the specific area you are looking at for help. Mergers and contracts with unions are often incompatible. I have included the references most likely to give you are direction to take.

    - Oddly, the real issue is not the contract, but the conditions of the new terms should American be allowed to institute them. Scheduling and time in and out of the cockpit are concerns. Less money for pilots is always a concern. Better pilots will move to other airlines for better wages and benefits.

    According to the Dealbook site, the airlines was allowed to leave bankruptcy as long as the Justice Department agreed to the merger with U.S. ...

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    The current states of unions related in the airline industry are given.