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bibliography on Operation Desert Storm

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Offer guidance for an annotated bibliography on Operation Desert Storm.

References required to be taken from any or combination of the following: scholarly and professional articles, reports, statistics, case studies, book chapters and even some complete books. Sources from a .gov or .edu website are acceptable.

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Remember - I cannot do this for you.
Since I have full access to JSTOR, I can give you some really good titles that are only of scholarly and peer-reviewed backgrounds.

Here are 6 scholarly publications. I'll summarize each briefly.

The Myth of Air Power in the Persian Gulf War and the Future of Warfare
Daryl G. Press
International Security, Vol. 26, No. 2 (Autumn, 2001), pp. 5-44

There is no evidence that US bombing caused the later ineffectiveness of Hussein's ground forces. Air power, while crucial, has a tendency to be overrated.

Internal and External Adaptation in Army Families: Lessons from Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm
Joe F. Pittman, Jennifer L. Kerpelman, Jennifer M. McFadyen
Family Relations, ...

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