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Aspects of sand deposition

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What are some nautural causes and effects of sand deposition? What are some geological features that can develop from sand deposition over time?

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Looks at aspects of, and structures related to, deposition of sand.

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OK....first we need to conceptually separate the two main modes of sand transport, these being wind and water. That is you can have either of aeolian (wind) or aqueous(water) -driven processes. The wind-derived processes are of course common to arid regions (like deserts) where there are few roots to hold mineral particles together as in soil. The more common structures would be any of the various types of dunes. Their descriptions and morphologies are described well in the Wikipedia posting:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sand_dune (it also notes sub-aqueous dunes, more below on this)

Other aeolian artifacts would include "ventifacts" (rock structures carved by wind-driven ...

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