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Geology Questions Dealing with Stratigraphy and Dating

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Can't get my head round these questions. Am able to tackle the next question though!

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Okay, so I'm going to tackle the questions as they appear in order on your attachments. If possible in the future when you ask for help, word files are much easier to handle, and notes can be made directly on the files and returned to you that way.

a) I'll talk about the sedimentary rocks in the order they appear on the cross-section:
B- since I don't have the Figure 5.7a(i) that is referenced, I can't say for sure what the environment of deposition is. But I can hazard a few guesses: the age of the rock is most likely pre-cambrian, since there is no signs of life or fossils. Three possible environments are near-shore dunes, beach to just offshore, or desert. With the inclusions of meta/igneous material, really any of these work. If I knew whether or not there were any cross-bedding in the rock, that would help narrow down the environment, as well as the grain size (larger the grain size, the further away from the shoreline the environment would be). Hopefully you can use this to get your answer.
C- Same thing as above (no Figure 5.7a(i)), but since this sandstone contains burrows, I would suggest Cambrian to Ord ...

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This solution deals with geologic topics such as interpreting stratigraphic columns and cross-sectional diagrams, as well as both relative and absolute dating methods.