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contributions of Lyell, Malthus, Lamarck, Darwin, and Gould and Eldridge.

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Outline the major contributions of scientists to concepts in evolution. Describe the contributions of Lyell, Malthus, Lamarck, Darwin, and Gould and Eldridge. Please write one paragraph or a few sentences on each of the above mentioned people.

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The contributions of Lyell, Malthus, Lamarck, Darwin, and Gould and Eldridge are explained in this solution.

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Sir Charles Lyell was a Scottish lawyer, geologist, and protagonist of uniformitarianism. He was the foremost geologist of his day, and an influence on the young Charles Darwin. Lyell's geological interests ranged from volcanoes and geological dynamics through stratigraphy, paleontology, and glaciology to topics that would now be classified as prehistoric archaeology and paleoanthropology. He is best known, however, for his role in popularising the doctrine of uniformitarianism. According to this theory the earth was shaped entirely by slow-moving forces still in operation today, acting over a very long period of time. In his three volume Principles of Geology (1830-1833), Lyell documented the fact that the earth must be very old and that it has been subject to the same sort of natural processes in the past that operate today in shaping the land. These forces include erosion, earthquakes, glacial movements, volcanoes, and even the decomposition of plants and animals.

Thomas Malthus' (1766-1834) theory of population growth was in the end what inspired Darwin to develop ...

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