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    Natural selection

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    1. Who were a three scientist whose work was fundamental to Darwin's theory? How did their thinking influence his?

    2.Vestigial Organs and Embryology are types of evidence that support the theory of natural selection. How each support the theory of natural selection?

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    Darwin's theory was developed over a fairly long time, through his own extensive study of nature and through reading the work of others. I will assume that you have sufficient background of the theory of evolution by natural selection and I will not go over it here. I will provide a good web link here in case you would like to brush up on the details:


    In a nutshell, Darwin's theory has these main elements (from http://www.emc.maricopa.edu/faculty/farabee/biobk/BioBookEVOLI.html#Evolution%20by%20Natural%20Selection):

    1. all organisms adapt to their environments.
    2. Variation: all organisms are variable in their traits.
    3. Over-reproduction: all organisms tend to reproduce beyond their environment's capacity to support them
    4. Since not all organisms are equally well adapted to their environment, some will survive and reproduce better than others -- this is known as natural selection. Sometimes this is also referred to as "survival of the fittest". In reality this merely deals with the reproductive success of the organisms, not solely their relative strength or speed.

    Darwin and the other thinkers of his day were trying to explain how the great diversity of plants and animals arose, how the obvious design in nature arose, and the origins of the patterns of organization ...

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