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    How is Cultural Evolution Similar to Natural Selection?

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    The theory of natural selection has been applied to human culture in many different realms. For instance, there is a general belief in the United States that survival of the fittest determines which people are rich and which people are poor.

    How are the forces that produce differences in wealth among individuals like natural selection?

    How are they different?

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    What an interesting question!

    First let's start with a definition of natural selection: is the process by which traits become more or less common in a population due to consistent effects upon the survival or reproduction of their bearers. In other words, those individuals with the most successful traits will survive and reproduce at a higher rate than less fit individuals. Thus the more successful traits will be more prevalent.

    Now looking at cultural natural ...

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    In this solution I compare and contract the forces which contribute to natural selection versus cultural selection, specifically to examine how forces that produce differences in wealth among individuals are similar to natural selection.