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Conditions required for evolution by natural selection

Evolution by natural selection occurs when three (3) conditions are met. What are these three requirements? Briefly explain each, and provide a hypothetical example to illustrate and explain these requirements and how they lead to evolution by natural selection.

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The three requirements are:

1. Variation (in the trait of interest)
2. Heredity (the trait is heritible)
3. Differential survival/reproduction (individuals with one form of the trait are better at surviving to reproduce, or at reproducing itself, than individuals with a different form of the trait)

First, within a population, there must be variation (requirement 1) in the trait that we are looking at. For example, if the trait of interest is ...

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This solution explains the three requirements for evolution by natural selection to occur. In addition to explaining the three requirements, the solution provides a hypothetical example of evolution by natural selection and explains how the example meets the three requirements.