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The relationship between biodiversity and evolution

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According to the theory of natural selection, variations in populations provide the raw material for evolution. Describe how the following variations allow for natural selection.
A. Describe how natural selection results in biodiversity (200 words include references)
B. Explain why biodiversity is important to continued evolution (200 words include references)

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Natural selection takes the raw material of variations with a population and moulds it over a long period of time into a population that can compete most effectively with other species. This selection will favor the fittest individuals in a species to fit a particular biological niche. Any given environment will have a large number of niches, for example small variations in the temperature, humidity and exposure to sunlight will affect the ability of certain plants to grow and compete with other plants. Species that fit these niches will represent a very diverse population and therefore will have extensive genetic diversity. This diversity will be both ...

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This solution gives a detailed explanation, with references, of how natural selection results in biodiversity, and why biodiversity is important for continued evolution.

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