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    Biology: the process of natural selection as defined by Darwin.

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    Discuss the process of natural selection as defined by Darwin. How did Darwin's theories differ from those of his predecessors? In your opinion, have his theories proved to be correct? Why and why not?

    Discuss how the various "agents" of change can lead to a new species.

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    Darwin believed that all organisms of life came from a common ancestor if you go back far enough in time. He believed that organisms began to look different as features in the offspring become selected for by the environment they live in. The fact that there are many different types of species in the world would be explained by the fact that these organisms, by chance, evolved changes that promoted survival in the environment they lived ...

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    This solution discusses Darwin's theory of natural selection, comparing his theories to those of other theorists that came before him and discussing the differences. It then provides the Expert's opinion as to the veracity of Darwin's theories, using examples to prove the point they are making.