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    Genetic Isolation

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    If I were to use the scientific method as my framework- How do new species arise by genetic isolation? What would be your observations, questions, hypothesis, predictions, experiment (s) and finally the results in answering this question?

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    You can take an actual historic case as an example. Actually described by Charles Darwin himself when he was part of the Beagle expedition and was visiting the Galapagos islands in the Pacific Ocean outside South America (Equador). He could there on different islands and in different environments observe finches. These finches had however differences in their anatomy (for example with regards to their beaks). Darwin could observe that these differences were correlated to 1. the environment in which they lived and 2. the way they lived and gathered food. Based on this he made a hypothesis that a wind driven flock of finches ...

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    The expert examines genetic isolation using the scientific method.