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Bacterial genetics & its application to genetic engineering

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Why is the study of bacterial genetics essential to understand applications to genetic engineering?

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The solution includes a brief explanation of what is bacterial genetics and genetic engineering. It also discusses possible aplications that findings in the genetic of bacteria have in genetic engineering and its benefits to humanity. References are included.

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Bacterial genetics studies how the genes are expressed in bacteria and its functions, including what information is stored and how it is transmitted (Rao, 2006). Studying the mutations, spontaneous or in vitro, that occur in a gene of the bacteria can not only help identify the function of the gene but can help to understand changes from non-virulent to virulent and emergence of antibiotic resistance bacteria or changes in phenotype such as alterations in biochemical reactions, growth characteristics, and host selection (Rao, 2006; Toft & Anderson2010). Genetics engineering applies the information learned from the study of genes in the bacteria to recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology to introduce desirable traits into organisms. Knowing how the genes of specific bacteria transfer ...

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