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Inheritance Pattern in Pedigrees

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I need help with inheritance pattern in pedigrees:
1. There are four types of inheritance patterns in pedigrees. What would you expect a pedigree to look like for each pattern.
2. What are some pros and cons of human genome project cloning, DNA fingerprinting, genetic engineering, and stem cells.
3. In a persons family tree what are the inheritance of sex-linked traits through meiosis and how does it relate to genetics.

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The solution answers question on inheritance pattern in pedigrees and on pros and cons of human genome project, cloning, DNA fingerprinting, genetic engineering, and stem cells.

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Pedigree Inheritance Pattern

Four patterns of inheritance and four pedigrees are shown below. Assume that individuals marrying into the family are homozygous for the wild-type allele. Match each of the inheritance patterns with a pedigree.
(a) Autosomal recessive _________
(b) Y-linked trait _________
(c) X-linked recessive _________
(d) Autosomal dominant ______

Please see attachment to view the pedigree choices of inheritance patterns.

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