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Gregor Mendel's Laws

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I am looking for help with Gregor Mendels laws. With regards to: How do we know that particular human traits are inherited? What did Mendel's finding reveal about inheritance? Explain the answer with the help of the four types of inheritance patterns in pedigrees.

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Gregor Mendel's Law are examined. Why Mendel's finding reveal about inheritance is determined.

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Mendel's work can be summarized in terms of four inheritance patterns: Dominant traits, recessive traits, heterozygous carriers and co-dominance.

Dominant traits are those which are coded by dominant alleles. A certain characteristic, for simplicity's sake, is coded by an allele. However, an organism often carries more than one version of an allele, although only one of them is expressed most of the time. If an organism has two alleles for the same trait, of which one is dominant over the other, the dominant one will be expressed.

Compare that to recessive alleles and recessive traits, which require the absence of dominant alleles for the same trait in order to be expressed. That is to say, if an organism has two alleles for the same characteristic, both those alleles would have to be the recessive versions in order for the recessive trait to be expressed. If one is a dominant allele, then the dominant trait coded by that dominant allele will be expressed, as explained above.

This system brings ...

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