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    The Significance of Gregor Mendel to Genetics

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    Discuss the significance of Mendel's work and its impact on today's biological advances.

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    Gregor Mednel was an Austrian monk who spent his childhood years gardening and studying bees (Corcos, Monaghan, & Weber, 1993) as well as looking at the stars and studying the weather. At the University of Olomouc he studied physics, but was inspired by others to further study plant hybridization. Later, he began training as a priest and entered St. Thomas's Abbey. It is here that he performed his pea studies and which led to his formulation of the basis of genetic laws as follows:

    1. The Law of Segregation - This laws states, in its modern form, that alleles separate during gametogenesis ...

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    This solution provides a look at Gregor Mendel's life and his impact on the field of genetics. Attention is give to his laws of heredity and how he came to define them. The Law of Segregation and the Law of Independent Assortment are discussed. The explanation is given in 404 words with one reference.