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    Phenotypic and Genotypic Ratios Under Mendel's Law

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    Using Mendel's laws, describe the phenotypic and genotypic ratios for the F2 generation if pea plants with restricted yellow pods are crossed with restricted yellow pods and crossed with true-breeding inflated green pods in the original cross and then the F1 generation is crossed. I do not understand this at all. Please explain.

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    The word phenotype means "the form that is shown". The word genotype means the genetic characteristics of the organism. When the pea plants with restricted yellow pods are crossed with restricted yellow pods, all the progenies resulting from this cross has restricted yellow pods. We called all the peas from this pure lines the parental generation.

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    The basic principle of genetics lie in the contribution by Gregor Mendel that he had discovered three laws of inheritance. The Mendel's laws are 1) the Law of Dominance, 2) the Law of Segregation, 3) the Law of Independent Assortment. These three laws formed the basic principle of Mendelian genetics. Genotype are the genes present in the DNA of an organism. There are three possible genotype in TT ( homozygous pure), Tt (heterozygous hybrid), and tt (homozygous pure). Phenotype is the trait that physically shows up in the organism. It is the physical appearance of the organism. Examples of phenotype are blue eyes, brown fur, and yellow flowers.